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5 Best Vegetarian Dating Sites


If you find yourself constantly trying to filter out people who have specifically mentioned that they are vegetarian, it simply means that it’s a quality you’d really like to see in your partner. We all know being vegetarian is a lifestyle choice. Perhaps it is your belief that finding someone who shares the same idea and meal like you can be effective and help you guys hit it off. There’s surely nothing wrong in using this strategy. It could honestly be a smart move too.

It’s always nice to relate to someone who cares about the same thing you do without having to explain it. Even if the date doesn’t go right, you could always at least end on a note that the food was enjoyed by both of you! The hunt for a word ‘vegetarian’ in different bios can get tiring. So we’ve found out 5 of the best vegetarian dating sites for you. Hopefully, you can find someone with whom you can enjoy your love for culinary treats with no meat. Read on to know more.

Top 5 Vegetarian Dating Sites

  1. Green Singles
  2. VeggieConnection
  3. Find Veg Love
  4. VeggieDate
  5. Match

1. Green Singles


Just like the name suggests, Green Singles is an online dating site for vegetarian singles. Primarily, the website is created to meet people who are environmentally conscious. You can start off with the free membership the site offers and build a comprehensive profile. The website actually allows you to submit a video and answer some in-depth essay questions for your profile too. They also have a tool called ‘matchmaker preferences’ that is an automated way to help you to get in touch with profiles that match your preferences.

The website surely does a good job at playing cupid for you to find your vegetarian match. Do note you would probably not enjoy the free version too much because the features are limited. You could always upgrade to a paid membership to enjoy more features. The subscription fees range from $12-$23 per month on Green Singles.

They also organize events and retreats so you could probably even try meeting your match offline at an event organised by them. They do have a very strong community as they are part of Conscious Dating Network which is the oldest eco-friendly network of online dating.

Rating: 4.8/5

Go to Green Singles >>> Sign Up For Free

2. VeggieConnection


Again, a great place to meet vegetarians mainly because you won’t run into profiles that are not following a vegetarian lifestyle. This website was founded in 2003 and definitely has a large community of vegetarian singles. It has been awarded to be the top site to find a veggie mate.

VeggieConnection also has a feature called ‘veggie questions’ where you answer a couple of questions and it compiles your answers on your profile so that you’re saving your time and effort on building your dating profile.

They also have two kinds of paid membership if you wish to take advantage of the other features they offer. A silver membership for $12 per month, which means you can read and send emails only if the other member has a paid Gold or Silver membership. A gold membership is for $18 per month. Benefits of gold: A free, gold or silver member can read your email and reply to you.

A tip for you – We’d recommend purchasing the yearly subscription because you get upto 70% discount on the monthly rates.

Rating: 4.5/5

Go to VeggieConnection >>> Sign Up For Free

3. Find Veg Love


Find Veg Love has a network of 20k+ veg singles in United States and Canada. This is also an app that is exclusively for veg singles. They organize online matchmaking events as well and you can stay in the loop about such events simply by signing up on their website with your email address. Their services include –

  • Veg Love Vault: An online dating app to find veg singles. This app is free of cost.
  • Find Veg Program: This is a 10 week Program for veg singles. Consider it a comprehensive guide to finding your match.
  • Premium Matchmaking: This is for those users who are completely serious and dedicated to finding a veg single. You can only take up this program after you’ve completed the Find Veg Program.

Rating: 4.2/5

Go to Find Veg Love >>> Sign Up For Free

4. VeggieDate


VeggieDate is considered to be the first to actually take the initiative of creating a dating site solely for vegetarians. They wish that you find your match who loves herbivores as much as you do. The only drawback we see for VeggieDate is that it might be slightly outdated and a little revamping of the interface could help the website have more users.

Here is the breakdown of the premium membership cost:

  • $19.95 for 1 month
  • $35.95 for 3 months
  • $45.95 for 6 months
  • $59.95 for 1 year

Rating: 4.1/5

Go to VeggieDate >>> Sign Up For Free

5. Match


Match makes it to the bottom of our list because it isn’t an exclusive app to find vegetarian singles. However, they still do have a filter where you fill in your eating preferences and a simple click could transform this app to being a place where you can find vegetarian singles exclusively.

Match is an app used by millions from 24 countries. We’d recommend using this app so you’re increasing your chances of meeting someone from another country too and not limiting yourself. This online website in particular has so many users, so it simply makes it easier to probably meet people who are on a journey to being vegetarians too. However, the membership for this website is slightly on the higher side. It would cost you $19.99/month for the 3 month standard plan and $17.99/month for the 6 month standard plan.

Rating: 4/5

Go to Match >>> Sign Up For Free


We know finding someone who shares the same food choice as you seems difficult at first when you’re scouting through millions of profiles. But there’s actually plenty of dating sites that solves this for you.

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